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Can You Hear Everything Through Your Paper-Thin Windows? Replace Today And Save

If you hear cars being locked or kids playing on bikes outside your home while you're inside, it's time to consider new windows for the property. Drafts, air loss, and moisture can be costing you money and doing damage to the home when you have poor-quality windows.

The cost to replace windows can be expensive, but this is one of the best investments you can make while making improvements around your property. Here are some things to talk to the window replacement professionals about and to inquire about when replacement is necessary.

Wood vs. Vinyl

Replace the wood windows with vinyl. Wood can be damaged by pests and water and warps. Vinyl is an affordable, low-maintenance option that is ideal for any homeowner. Vinyl is impermeable, resistant to weathering, and efficient. Talk with the window contractors about the cost of replacing your current windows with new vinyl windows.

Insulation Options

The windows are installed in boxes that are designed to hold the windows into place in the walls. Ask about improving insulation around the windows to improve efficiency. You want the windows to have insulation around them to stop air loss and to also prevent moisture problems.

Glass Thickness and Tint Potential

Be sure that you are investing in windows thick enough to have a high U-value, which means they are efficient and will deflect sound. You also may want to get tinted window glass if you have areas of the house that get direct sunlight all day. The tint still allows natural light and an open feel but prevents UV glare and damage occurring inside the home.

Security Features

Since you are already investing the money in new windows, choose windows with locking options and security features so you can improve the safety around your home as well with the upgrade. Windows can also be linked with a home security system to notify you when they are opened or closed. Inquire about a system that will link with your phone if you want to install new security features.

If your house has drafts and you can hear dogs barking and everything else going on outside of the home, it's time to make an improvement in your home by investing in some new windows. Get estimates and choose windows that will be protective and will improve the home, but stick to a budget so you know what additional features you can afford.

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