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Window Leak? This Is Why It Needs Replacing Now

Having a leaky window isn't something that anyone wants to deal with, so it can be easy to put it aside and to ignore it. Unfortunately this is the exact opposite of what you should be doing. Windows with significant leaks need to be replaced right away in order to prevent a bevy of problems from happening. Here's what those problems look like and what dangers they pose.

Wood Rot

One of the biggest problems with a window leak is that it often leads to wood rot. It can do this even when it's not raining. The moisture coming in from outside can effectively create condensation on the wall and the window sill, which will start to induce wood rot. This problem is likely to only get worse if it does rain.


In this day and age, replacing a window tends to be quite affordable. Machine manufactured windows are able to produce windows based on your exact needs and measurements, ensuring that a new window is ready to go and can be ready for you in next to no time. However, that won't necessarily be the case if you wait too long.

Waiting too long will not only allow wood rot to develop, but to progress. You need a solid structure in order for your window to be installed safely and effectively. If wood rot has set in, the parts of the wall that are impacted will need to be replaced entirely. This is because even after the moisture has stopped coming in from the window, wood rot can continue to progress and damage surrounding surfaces. If it continues without anyone doing anything about it, it can potentially cause a total collapse of a wall, so it's a big deal to be concerned about.


The other problem that you're facing in this situation is that both the leak through the window and the wood rot itself may be posing a danger to your health. Wood rot is like any kind of mold - you shouldn't be near it and you don't want to breathe it in. If you suspect that you might already have wood rot, stay away from your window and be sure to inform your window installation team that it exists in advance so they can inspect it safely.

Wood rot is a significant problem that can be entirely avoided if you act quickly enough. If you know that your window has a leak of some kind, whether it's due to it being broken or otherwise damaged, seek help from a professional right away. Look intowindow replacement services near you.

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