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Why Repairing Your Windows, Rather Than Replacing Them, Is Often Smart

When windows become damaged or start leaking, a lot of homeowners just jump right in and have them replaced. Window replacement companies are abundant, and it's easy to find someone who can remove the old window and put a new one in place. But this is not always the best option. In many cases, you are actually better of repairing your windows rather than replacing them. Here are a few reasons why repairing your windows is a smart approach.

1. Your windows will still match.

If your windows are more than a couple of years old, the manufacturer may not still make them. So if you were to have the windows replaced, your new windows would not match the current windows on your home. Of course, you could have all of the windows replaced so they all match, but that's a rather costly approach if just a couple of windows are damaged! If you instead decide to repair the windows, you will still have a matching set of windows when all is said and done, and that translates to better curb appeal.

2. Repairs are more eco-friendly.

If you are striving to live in an eco-friendly manner — and who isn't — then you want to minimize the amount of waste you produce. If you were to have your windows replaced, the old ones would go to a landfill. If the windows are able to be repaired, you'll be generating a lot less waste. This is the epitome of using what you have efficiently rather than always buying something new! 

3. The session will be easier to schedule.

Window replacement companies work faster than you would think, but scheduling a full window replacement can be a bit of a struggle. The company will have to wait for your windows to come in, and they may have a lot of customers waiting already. Window repairs often occur much faster because the repair company does not have to order extensive parts. Also, since window repairs only take an hour or two, the company can get in and out quickly. You'll be able to solve the problem much faster with repairs.

While your first instinct might be to replace a window that is damaged or failing, repairs are often a much better choice for the reasons outlined above. Contact a window repair company in your area to learn more about your options and to get an estimate.

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