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Hurricane Coming? Know Your Options For Storm Shutters

If you live in a hurricane-prone area, storm shutters are essential when it comes to protecting your home. However, there are several types of storm shutters that you can use. Here are some options so you can make a more informed decision.


On a budget and can't have professional storm shutters installed? You can always get by with using plywood. It is not going to be the most visually appealing way to protect your home, but it is going to get the job done and protect the glass from impact damage. This can be a great option if you need to get the windows boarded up quickly and don't have many options.

Roll Down Shutters

If you have the time and money to have nice storm shutters installed, you may want to have roll-down shutters placed on your home. The shutters located in a box above the window and roll down to cover the entire glass surface. These roll-down shutters can be manually operated where you need to pull them down yourself or completely automated where they roll down with the push of a button. Don't worry though, if there is a power outage after the storm know that there is a way to roll the shutters back up without electricity. 

Storm Panels

Want to spend money on a permanent fixture, but still working on a small budget? You can use protective storm panels to cover your windows. What makes these unique is that the storm panels are a solid piece of metal that needs to be attached to the window by placing it into a track. When the storm panels are not being used, you store them out of the way until they are needed again. They are just as effective as other panels but may be difficult for elderly people to install on their own.

Accordion Shutters

An accordion-style shutter is a permanent fixture of the window, and when not in use they fold up into a small space due to its accordion design. These shutters are a good mix of budget and convenience since the work involved to place them over the windows is minimal and the cost of the shutters is not going to break the bank.

If you need help installing storm shutters on your home, reach out to a local window contractor that specializes in installing them. It's the best way to ensure that they are installed correctly.

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