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Select A Window Frame For Your Installation

When you have new windows installed, you might also be considering your many options for window frames as well. A variety of different window frames are available for those who want to have a new look and feel for their home. Want to avoid the costly mistake of choosing the wrong window frames? Read on to learn more about frames for your new installation.

Nailing Fin Frames

If you have a new construction for your windows, you might choose nailing fin frames. In fact, this is one of the most popular types of window frames. The frame's fin sits flush to the building and allows the frame to stick out from the building just a little bit. This allows the siding of the home to meet with the frame. 

Flush-Flange Frames

If your home is made of stucco or something else that sits flat, you might go with a flush-flange frame. This frame sits against a flat surface and does not distract from a lovely finish.

Brick Mold Frames

You can apply a brick mold frame made of vinyl, which looks great with many window installations. In fact, this kind of frame has been popular for a while and can look great for even retrofit windows. If you are considering this option, you might want to include a slat that can conceal any of the hardware that is meant to keep the mold and window in place. This allows for great cosmetics as well as easy repairs.

Block Frames

Window installations with block frames are incredibly useful in many situations. The good thing about these frames is that you do not need to add molding, a nail fin, or anything else to the window. This means installers can come from the interior to add a window. The installation attaches right to the rough opening, and it means your installers can easily install the window without doing much to your home's exterior.

When you choose the right window frame for your home, you can save many steps in the process. You can also save money. Plus, selecting the right frame is great for the look of your home and makes a big difference when others see your new installations for the first time. Plus, you can save money by choosing a frame that is durable for the type of exterior you have as well as the type of window you choose.

For more information, contact a local window installation company. 

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