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Important Facts That Will Help You Choose The Right Door

When you're considering installing a door in your home, one of the first options you might consider is a wooden door. These are very traditional types of doors, but metal and fiberglass doors come with their own advantages and can also look just as beautiful.

Fiberglass is Indistinguishable from Wooden Doors

Fiberglass doors can be engineered to look just like wooden doors. Even those who install doors for a living cannot tell the difference between a fiberglass and a wooden door when examining pictures of them. There are also many styles, grains, and colors that you can choose from. You can paint it just like a wooden door.

Steel Doors Look Distinct

Steel doors will always look like steel doors. They cannot be painted and there is a limited number of styles you can choose from. A steel door simply doesn't look like the type of door that would be used for a residential home.

Fiberglass is Weather-Resistant

A fiberglass door is tougher than a wooden door. It is more resistant to changes in climate that would wear down a wooden door. Sudden changes in climate can lead to a wooden door cracking. Steel doors are the most durable of all, but they need to be coated so that they aren't vulnerable to moisture or else they will rust.

Metal Doors Aren't Energy-Efficient

Both wood and fiberglass doors can be energy-efficient, especially if they are insulated. However, steel doors can increase your energy costs because heat can easily escape during the winter and enter during the summer.

Wood Doors are Durable

Wooden doors are very durable and are difficult to scratch. They can stand up to wear and tear for years. When they do become scratched, they are easier to fix because they can simply be sanded down and repainted. Therefore, you can often keep a wooden door for years.

Wood Doors Have a Lower Upfront Cost

Wooden doors are also typically less expensive upfront than fiberglass or metal doors. If you take good care of your door, it will be less expensive overall and will look great for years to come.

Wood Doors are Authentic

Wooden doors are the most authentic. While your fiberglass door might look indistinguishable from a wooden door, you'll still know that the door isn't wooden and this might reduce the appeal for some homeowners. But regardless of the type you choose, as long as you put thought into what features you're the most interested in, you'll be able to find a door that meets your needs.

For more information about types of doors, such as Andersen doors, contact a local door supplier company.

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