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4 Benefits Of Natural Wood Blinds

Blinds are one of the most useful methods for light control. You can adjust the louvers to completely block or let in the light — and a wide range in between. You can even pull them up completely to remove any barrier to your view.

Blinds come in many different materials. However, wooden blinds can be especially attractive for your home. Keep reading for the benefits natural wood blinds can convey.

1. Natural Beauty 

Wood is one of the most common building materials. However, exposed wood is an upscale material because of its beauty. Natural wood usually features warm undertones, so wood blinds create a sense of warmth throughout your room.

As Home Advisor points out, part of that beauty also comes from the wood grain and texture. Natural wood offers its own pattern, which adds visual interest to your décor.

2. Neutral Backdrop

Wood blinds can offer a level of subtlety in their beauty. Many naturally stained wood blinds still present a neutral façade. In fact, depending on the type of wood and stain, you might see little variegation in color.

For those reasons, wood blinds make a neutral backdrop for your décor. They can fit in with any décor style ranging from modern to rustic. For example, you might choose dark wood blinds for a modern living room or for a farmhouse family room. They'll serve as a base layer for the rest of your décor.

3. Style Options

In fact, you have several style options when it comes to wood blinds. When you've chosen natural wood, you can pick between different stains. So, you could aim for that neutral backdrop described above. Conversely, if you like the grain pattern in the wood, look into staining that emphasizes the differences in colors.

You can also choose from different louver widths. The smallest width is typically one inch, though you might be able to custom-order blinds with narrower slats. Slats can get as wide as two inches or more, too.

4. Durability and Maintenance

The benefits associated with wood blinds don't relate only to aesthetics. Wood blinds are also exceptionally durable, especially when compared to other materials such as vinyl. Manufacturers use quality wood to construct the blinds, so the louvers stand up well to normal wear and tear.

What's more, wood blinds don't require a lot of maintenance to keep them in good shape. You should be able to dust them with a soft cloth once a week to keep them clean. The soft attachment on your vacuum is also a cleaning option.

Choose wood window blinds for your next makeover project.

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