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Why Your Furniture Showfloor Needs Window Tinting

Furniture showfloors need to provide potential customers with an opportunity to try out furniture in a comfortable environment. But they also need to provide customers with an exact estimate of what they can expect when they buy a new piece of furniture for themselves. If you don't have window tinting in your business, your furniture may be suffering for it and could lead customers to feeling misled when they receive the actual product in their home. Here's why you need window tinting.


Sunlight wreaks havoc on colors. You've no doubt seen storefronts that have washed out, pale or yellowing products in the front windows while the products elsewhere in the store have their normal coloring. This is due to prolonged exposure to UV light.

UV light can be damaging to skin and eyes, but it can also cause colors to fade in just about anything, including furniture. As a result, someone who thinks that a piece of furniture in your store looks like the perfect color for their home could end up with something that looks distinctly different once it's delivered. This could lead to a return or at least a customer who won't come back when they're next searching for new furniture.

Drying Out

While most synthetic fabrics aren't in danger of textural damage due to sun exposure, the same can't be said of things like leather. Leather is known to dry out with prolonged exposure to the sun, requiring people to do things like use leather conditioner to keep their furniture looking nice.

Unfortunately for your business, this gives you two options. You can either let leather furniture degrade in texture and appearance, or you can spend time and money on keeping that furniture looking nice with conditioner. Or you can skip these problems entirely and get your windows tinted.

Heat and Cold

Last but not least, while your showfloor may be air conditioned, there's no doubt that being near a window exposes you to more extreme temperatures than elsewhere in an air conditioned building. The heat or cold coming in from a window can potentially damage furniture, and most furniture store owners know this, so they keep their furniture away from the windows. However, this means giving up valuable showfloor space because the cold or heat might damage the furniture.

These problems can be avoided with window tinting. Window tinting cuts down on the amount of heat, cold, and UV light that come through the windows. The tinting can help to keep the furniture on your showfloor looking its best, ensuring that your customers are happy with what they see as well as happy with what they ultimately receive at their homes.

To learn more about commercial window tinting, visit a window tint supplier.

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