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Replacement Windows To Makeover Your Home During Exterior Renovations

Renovations to the exterior of your home can be a valuable investment if you do the right improvements. The renovations need to do more than improve the appearance of your home, which is something that you will get when you install replacement windows. The new windows you have installed in your home will look great and provide a practical energy benefit to your home. The following replacement window solutions will help improve your exterior renovation project:

Replacement Window Styles For Renovation Designs

The style of your windows can be different depending on the design of your home. If you are doing renovations to change the design and appearance of your home, you want to use the right style of windows. Some of the different window style options to consider for your renovations include:

  • Double-Hung windows with conventional designs
  • Sliding horizontal windows for more contemporary designs
  • Casement and awning windows for more modern features

Choosing the right replacement window styles will enhance the appearance of your renovations.

Different Glass Options for New Replacement Windows

Next, you want to consider the type of glass in replacement windows. The glass can help reduce thermal transfer for energy efficiency and reduce UV radiation from direct sunlight. The glass options to consider for your replacement windows include:

  • Low-E single pane glass that reduces thermal transfer for energy efficiency
  • Double-pane glass filled with gas to improve the thermal barrier of your home
  • Tempered glass for windows that need to be safer
  • Glass with integrated tint and UV protection

The right glass will help make your replacement windows more energy-efficient and functional. Talk to your window installer about where you want to use different types of glass for the windows in your home.

Window Treatments, and Integrated Features

Other improvements that you may want to add to replacement windows are window treatments. One of the common integrated features that are added to windows are blinds between double-pane glass. There are also options for other integrated features like tinted glass that changes automatically.

Moldings and Trim Details for Replacement Windows

When doing renovations to the exterior of your home, there are also molding and trim details that you want to add to the windows. The moldings can be part of the window casing, but you may want to enhance the appearance of windows with additional trim like friezes around the openings and other details outside of the casing.

Exterior renovations to your home can be improved with the right replacement windows and features for openings. If you are ready to start exterior renovations for your home, contact a window replacement service. You can talk to them about these features to get more from your investment.

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