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Customization Options To Discuss With Your Window Replacement Contractor

If you are about to replace your windows, then it is important to make sure you get what you want! These windows will be in your home for decades to come, so it's worth paying a little more for options that will make your windows more secure, attractive, and usable. Here are a few specific customization options to consider.

Tinted Glass or Privacy Glass

Windows exist to let light into your home and to allow you to see the outdoors. But sometimes, you don't want quite as much light coming in. Other times you may want light but you don't want others to be able to see into your home. This is where tinted glass and privacy glass can come in handy. Tinted window glass is similar to the tinted glass used in cars. It stops some of the sunlight from entering your home, and it limits the view into your home. Privacy glass is basically etched so that it lets in most of the sunlight but obscures the view. These glass options work really well in bathrooms and bedrooms.


A grille is basically thin strips of sash material that stretch across the window, dividing it into rectangles. You can find grilles that divide a window into four sections and those that divide windows into six sections, for example. These are just a few of many options. Ask your window replacement company to show you their available grille options, and choose one that coordinates with your home's overall look.

Colored Sashes

Instead of opting for standard white sashes, consider looking for windows with colored sashes. Brown, green, or black sashes can really make your windows pop out from the wall. Opting for colored sashes can save you from having to add so many embellishments with paint and other decor. They're like a built-in decoration!

Reinforced Hardware

If you are worried about security or live in an area with high winds, then you may want to ask your window replacement contractor about reinforced hardware. This hardware is typically made from thicker, more durable metal so it does not bend so easily or break if someone hits it with a hammer.

Everyone has different needs when it comes to windows. You might benefit from privacy glass, while a neighbor might need reinforced hardware. Your window replacement contractor can help you figure out what window options are best for your needs. Contact a window service, such as Innovations Siding & Windows, for more information. 

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