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The Top Benefits Of Having Exterior Shutters Added To Your Windows

These days, many homeowners have started to think of exterior shutters as old and outdated. It is true that you do not see real, functional shutters as often as you did a few decades ago. However, exterior shutters do still offer a wide array of benefits for homeowners who don't mind their traditional look. The following are a few of those benefits.

Shutters protect windows from high winds during storms.

When a storm blows through town, you always worry that a branch will blow into your window and break it. Sure, you can buy windows made with security glass so that if they do break, glass does not get scattered everywhere — but you'll still need to replace that broken window. Exterior shutters close over the outside of the window and offer quite a lot of protection. If a branch blows into the shutter, the branch is more likely to break than the shutter. And even if the shutter breaks, your window should remain intact. This makes exterior shutters a really good option for anyone in a hurricane zone or a region that gets high winds.

Shutters improve energy efficiency.

These days, people are valuing energy efficiency more and more. Saving energy is good for your wallet, and it's also good for the environment since most power is generated by burning fossil fuels. Windows can only be made to be so energy-efficient. They are still made from glass, which is a poor insulator, and they tend to develop cracks that allow for air leaks. Shutters provide an extra barrier over windows. They help keep air from blowing through any cracks or gaps around the windows, and they help keep the window glass from coming into direct contact with the chilly outdoor air in the winter.

Shutters help keep kids and pets safe.

Of course, you should do your best to keep kids from climbing on things near windows or putting themselves in other situations where they could fall or crash through a window. The same goes for pets. But accidents do happen sometimes. With shutters in place, there is less risk. If a child or pet crashes through the window, the shutters will provide an extra barrier to keep them from falling down. 

Shutters are not as popular as they used to be, but they are still a very good addition to most homes. They improve energy efficiency, keep kids and pets safe, and protect your windows from flying debris.

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