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Tips For Selecting Between Different Types Of Windows

If your home is in need of replacement windows, you'll eventually need to make a decision about what kind of window frame you want. Here are some tips for making the right choice that works for your home.


While vinyl is a window material that has many advantages over the competition, it's important to know how they stand out. Vinyl windows going to do a great job at insulating your home and providing energy efficiency. This is because they are not going to conduct heat like aluminum windows would. The price to manufacture vinyl windows also makes them more affordable, which can help you save money with this home renovation project. 

One of the issues that you run into with vinyl windows is that you are limited by the size that they are manufactured. You may have trouble replacing a very large window with a vinyl window because you can't find it in the size that you need. 


One of the main reasons that people pick wood windows is due to the aesthetics of the material. There may not be as many concerns about heat transfer and cost, since the homeowner wants a window that has a very specific look for their home. If this is the case for you, then you need to accept that you will pay more money for the window frame and have windows that are less energy efficient.

Even though wood windows have those issues, you'll still find that wood windows provide a better resale value for your home. That's because it's a visually appealing product, and people tend to pay more money for homes with wood windows. 

That said, you will notice that there are also vinyl-clad wood windows. This is when vinyl is used as a protective layer on the outside of the home so that the window will require less maintenance, but the inside is that solid wood that helps complete the desired look inside the home.


One reason that aluminum windows can be a great choice is when you have a lot of windows on your home and need to save money. This is especially true for very large windows that need to be made, and the cost of a vinyl or wood window can put you above your budget. The aluminum window is not going to provide great energy efficiency over the years, but you'll save the money up front. 

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