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What To Know About Four Types Of Window Covering Options

Looking to get some window coverings for your home, but feel overwhelmed by all the options? It will help to break them down so that you can decide what works best for your home. 


Blinds are a popular option among homeowners due to how versatile they are. They can be made in either horizontal or vertical configurations, and the ability to open and close the blinds is perfect for rooms where the light that comes in changes during the day. You also have the option to have blinds made out of a variety of different materials, such as vinyl, metal, wood, and faux wood. Fabric blinds can also be made to match your home's existing decor and blend in seamlessly.


The way that shades are different is that they don't have slates but are a solid material that hang over the entire window. While they can be retracted, they are either covering the window or not covering it, with the only option being to partially cover the window by having them halfway pulled up or down. Shades are made with a fabric material that is soft, with the option to have different thicknesses that allow different amounts of light into a room. You can get blinds that have room-darkening capabilities or that allow soft light to come in during the day.


Shutters are unique from blinds and shade due to the different style that they offer. Shutters are often seen as something that can add value to your home, since they are considered a more premium window covering. What makes shutters appealing to homeowners is that they are mounted on the window of the home and cover the entire window, but they also look great on the outside as well.

Shutters are often made out of a wood or faux wood material, which is due to the nature of how the shutters are constructed. They need a thick frame for the shutters to rest in, since they are going to be a long-lasting window covering that should last for many years. 


Drapes are going to be made out of a fabric material, with different options that determine how much light is let into the room. They are hung above the window on a pole that stretches across the entire window frame, and often hang down to the floor. It is possible to just have drapes on their own or to combine them with a different window covering to have more control over the light and privacy that you want. 

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