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Which Window Design Will Work Best For Your Home? Why Choose Double-Hung Windows

Choosing the ideal window design for your home can be challenging for some homeowners. Most opt to go with the traditional type that they are used to because it is a safe option. However, if you would like to try something different and better, consider double-hung windows. This type of window has a design that allows the top sash to open in addition to the bottom one. The ability to open the window both from the top and the bottom makes it better for ventilation. Here are the four other reasons to consider installing it.

Cleaning Is Simple

It is simpler to clean these windows than it is to clean their single-hung counterparts. When you open this window, it tilts into your home's interior. You can easily access both the inside and outside surfaces from the comfort of the house and clean them. On the other hand, a single-hung window only tilts in one direction. You can only clean the outer surface of this window when standing outside the house. The design creates a safety concern, especially in buildings that have more than one level. Therefore, consider installing them because they allow for safe cleaning and maintenance.

Superior Ventilation

The second benefit of this window design is the extra ventilation that it offers. Airflow improves when you can open both the top and the bottom sash of your window. The bottom opening allows cool air to enter the room, while the top allows all the hot air from the room to escape into the environment. Therefore, when you install these windows, you will rely less on your air conditioning system to keep the house cool in the summer. It has the ability to minimize your cooling bill in the summer.

Safety in the House

One of the best ways to keep your children safe is by keeping your bottom sash closed at all times. Shutting the bottom sash is not possible when you have regular windows. However, with this window, you can open the upper side and let the bottom remain closed. Consequently, your home will have ventilation without compromising the children's safety.

Aesthetic Reasons

Aesthetics are another reason to consider these windows. They are more visually appealing than their single counterparts. The windows add to the curb appeal and value of your property.

These windows have countless benefits over the single alternative. Hire a competent installation contractor to start the installation process for the best outcome.

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