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Did You Just Buy Your First Family Home? 3 Benefits Of Planning For Home Shade Motorization As You Prepare To Move In

Finding the right floor plan and neighborhood for your family were just the first main aspects of creating a perfect home life. Now that you've signed the contracts and begun the process of moving in, you still have just a few more details to work out before your house is perfect. Many homes come with basic blinds that aren't always the best fit for your family's needs, or your new house might have come with bare windows that need immediate shading to ensure your privacy and comfort. Either way, exploring how motorized shades can enhance your family's life helps you plan for finding the perfect window coverings.

Eliminate Concerns About Cords and Kids

Safety likely played a role in the choice you made for a home, and you don't want to stop thinking about ways to keep your kids safe now. As a parent, you've probably already learned about the strangulation hazard that cords hanging from the window create. While window-covering designers have taken steps to reduce this problem, the truth is that you have an even better option. Motorized shades come in cordless styles that completely eliminate this worry altogether. 

Improve Home Security 

Once you have a family, home security often takes on greater importance. Even the safest neighborhood can't shield your family completely from home break-ins and theft. Adding motorized window coverings to your security plan makes it easier to make it seem like you're home when you're not. Using automated settings, you can set the shades up to open during the day while you're at the office or miles away on vacation. Since criminals often case houses before they commit a crime, fooling them into thinking you are there could deter them from picking your house for their next break-in.

Keep Your Focus On Your Kids

Parenting often feels like juggling multiple responsibilities, and there are times when you simply can't take an eye or hand off of your little one. For instance, you might be rocking your newborn back to sleep just as the sun comes up, and having the light glaring through your window could wake them up before it's time. If you can't put them down just yet, then you could use your phone to shut the blinds as their little head rests on your chest. Being able to adjust the lighting with a quick click or push of a button simplifies life as a parent.

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