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The Weather Will Cool Down Soon, So It's Time To Install New Siding

Siding installation is somewhat dependent on the temperature. Many companies won't want to install siding when temperatures are still very hot because of how the material reacts. But summer will be over soon, leaving the extreme temperatures behind and bringing in much more reasonable weather. And that's the best time to finally get your new siding and be confident that it fits well and will protect your home for years.

Why You May Need to Wait out the Extreme Heat

Siding materials can expand a lot in extreme heat. That makes it hard to get the siding to fit your home correctly as it will contract once the heat's gone, and that would lead to ill-fitting, broken siding that would need replacement. Humidity levels can affect some materials as well. As much as you want to get this project over with, it's in your best interests to wait until the siding company says it's OK to go ahead with installation.

But When It's Merely Warm out, You're Good to Go

The temperature limits of different siding materials differ somewhat, but they all tend to react to very hot temperatures. That means that once the weather becomes more moderate, you're able to get the siding installed without worry. But appointments have to be set up in advance, of course, so even if it's very hot now, contact siding companies to get bids and find out when they plan to start installing siding after summer starts to get a little cooler.

Just Be Sure to Install It Before Freezing Temperatures Arrive

Just as extreme heat can warp siding and make it expand, so too can very cold temperatures make it harder to install siding, if not impossible. Freezing temperatures cause the material to contract, again creating issues with cutting the right size and ensuring a good fit. Now, you can install siding in cold weather, just not very cold. So, if you can't get an appointment time for the installation until the weather turns much colder, speak with the installation company about what to do. Chances are there will be stretches of days when the weather isn't that extreme, and installation will be possible.

If you need new siding, call now regardless of temperature and be prepared to wait a little until the weather is friendlier toward installation. It won't be long now before your home has a clean, new, protective exterior.

For more information, contact a residential siding installation company near you.

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